Recertification Information

Joe Kirkpatrick
Work Phone: (423) 483-3293
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Where should I mail my recertification journal?
Joe Kirkpatrick
1310 Lake Ridge Square
Johnson City, TN 37601

Please follow-up with an email to ensure that your package has been received.
Make a copy of your documentation and keep this until you get confirmation that your package was received. Sometimes things get lost in the mail.

Policy on keeping track of meeting attendance
Individuals are responsible for keeping their own records of meeting attendance for their recertification. The recertification journal that ASQ provides has a section specifically for this purpose. Meeting attendance records are forwarded directly to the recertification chair so they can confirm the claims of those submitting recertification journals. It is merely the Recertification Chair’s job to verify that the claims are appropriate.

A list of the programs for the past three years has been created to help you remember which programs you attended.

Click here to see the program meeting history.