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Section 1106 Key Contacts 2018

Volunteer contact information is posted solely for the use of those individuals wishing to contact a section leader for more information about this section, ASQ, its programs, or services.  Use of volunteer contact information for solicitation purposes is prohibited.

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Contact Position



Section Chair* Ashok Gala (423) 967-5383
Chair-Elect* Nadine McMackin (423) 361-6402
Secretary* Jill O'Dell (423) 773-1796
Treasurer* Travis Wright (423) 948-7380
Past Chair Jeanie Fox-Thomas (423) 534-7369
Director (Nominating & Awards) (Unfilled)
Director (Auditing) Rick Eldreth (423) 229-6864
Voice of Customer (Unfilled)
Program Chair (Unfilled)
Arrangements Chair (Unfilled)
Tri-Cities Quality Forum David McClaskey (423) 341-2133
Education Chair Joe Kirkpatrick (423) 483-3293
Certification Chair (Unfilled)
Examining Chair (Unfilled)
Recertification/Upgrades Joe Kirkpatrick (423) 483-3293
Quality in Education Chair Hank Somers (423) 212-0666
Newsletter Chair Dave Stevens (423) 967-1173
Internet Liaison Arved Harding (423) 229-4957
Publicity Chair Toni Swavely (423 279-2788
Membership (Unfilled)
Webmaster Dave Stevens (423) 967-1173
Board Member at Large Becky Cummings (423) 735-0134
Board Member at Large  Duke Okes (423) 323-7576
Board Member at Large Hugh Broome (423) 439-7817
Board Member at Large

 * Elected Officer per Section Operating Agreement, paragraph 5.2

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